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About Us

Our Story

Hello, we are Holly and Trey. Welcome to White Orchard Soap Company. We are a small business located in Thibodaux, Louisiana, founded in late 2021. We derived the name from the longtime dream of having a vegetable garden and orchards of fruit trees. The vision of rows and rows of fruit trees blowing in the wind, picking fruit right from the tree. We can see crape myrtles blowing its white flowers over the yard. This pillowy dream has been ours for a long time and we hope to have just that one day.


We began this exciting journey out of hobby in late 2021. After the production of our first batch of bar soap we were hooked! We immediately began studying the process of soap making and experimenting with different ingredients and methods. During our exploration of this new venture, we wondered if there are others like us. Others who want something with as little to no chemicals or additives as possible. And so, White Orchard Soap Company was born.

We truly enjoy creating our products using the best ingredients we can find. We are hoping to expand our line of products bi-yearly to yearly.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and thank you for supporting a small business.

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